Hand Painted Bible Info 2

Our Hand Painted Bibles are made specially for you. Before I start painting any bible I pray over it. I pray that the person who this bible is meant to belong, will use if to the fullest. Will spend their time on it and practice the word.

Our hand painted Bibles come in two versions, English Standard Version and New International Version.  

Our Bibles will be restocked monthly once sold out.

 Unfortunately I do not offer fully custom Bibles. We try to create Bible designs that are a good fit for our brand and style.

We do offer Semi-Custom Bibles. You can add your favorite quote on the back and your name on the spine.  (Please, make sure the quote you want to add will fit the space on the bible you are purchasing)

Our Bibles are primed, painted, sealed, written and sealed again.
Our Bibles won't chip. But in case it does, you have 45 days to return it. 
Also, all bibles come in a cloth bag, for more protection and you can use it to carry around and not worry about it your Bible getting chipped.